Our Freedoms . Our Rights . Our Country

We fight for your freedom of speech, your independence from Government overreach and for policies that generate strong thriving communities.

Australian Country Party/Give It Back is committed to the representation of all Australians. 

Governments throughout Australia make mistake after mistake, wasting your taxes, and then increase your burden.
We will STOP this.

We are approaching turbulent times within the next five years where  Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace many jobs thought to be secure for a lifetime.
We must prepare NOW.

We believe in Equality, where all Australians are entitled to a Fair-Go irrespective of race, gender or age. We also want to foster innovation and provide encouragement for all Australians to aspire to their greatness. 

Victorian Candidates

Janette Farrelly
Candidate for South-Eastern Metropolitan Region

Janette has worked in a number of jobs, from industrial cleaning to aged care, and has also run a small business. She is an advocate for transparency in government.

Phillip Larkin
Candidate for Northern Victoria Region

Phil owned and operated the Moyhu General Store Newsagency & Post Office for 12 years and is the founder of the Moyhu action group.

Robert Danieli
Candidate for Eastern Victoria Region

Robert is a former Councilor and has been a very active member of local community groups advocating improved water and agricultural policies.

Dr Julian Fidge
Candidate for Ovens Valley

Julian is a general practitioner in Wangaratta. He has served as a Medical Officer in the Australian Army and is a former Wangaratta Councilor.

Jim Doukas
Candidate for South-West Coast

Jim is a current Councilor and past Mayor of Moyne Council. He is a former dairy farmer based at Mailors Flat.

Costa Di Biase
Candidate for Western Victoria Region

Costa lives in Dunolly. He has worked in agricultural research and is an active member of the CFA and SES.


We are committed to taxation reform to:

  • Reduce the burden on families;
  • Spread government spending equitably; and
  • Introduce legislation and initiatives to reduce the cost of living, encourage innovation and to create an aspirant society for all.


We support job creation and entrepreneurship. This is a crucial time for Australia; CSIRO claim that 40% of all jobs will be lost in this decade due to artificial intelligence. Australian Country Party/Give It Back will encourage entrepreneurship to establish new enterprises in order to take advantage of these massive changes that are coming.

We support incubator programmes and keeping jobs in Australia.

Tomorrow's Digitally Enabled Workforce


We believe in a fair go for everyone and will continue to fight for fairer treatment of our elderly, the disabled, the disadvantaged, the frail and the infirm. We also seek reforms in all levels of Government to reduce waste and their adverse impacts on our lives.

Australian Country Party/Give It Back gives the opportunity for everyday Australians to be truly represented in Parliament.

Australian Country Party-Give It Back

We share the land that unites us as one...

Regardless of ethnic or racial origins, or how long our ancestors have lived in this country, every citizen of Australia has equal rights to share the opportunities, resources and responsibilities of our land.

Australian resources should always be developed and managed in the best interests of all Australians.

Australian Country Party/Give It Back is about making change, not just making noise. Everything we do is guided by carefully crafted policies and strategies designed to help Australia prosper.

To make change, you need strength.
Join our community of volunteers where your courage increases our strength.

Australian Country Party/Give It Back is your voice.

Victorian Candidate Applications close Friday 26th October 2018